Reception of packages to real US address (Colorado, USA)
Verification of condition of returned products
Storage of products in humidity, mould free conditions
Sending of packages across USA and Canada for replacements/commercial gestures

Fees and costs :

  • Registration fee: 5 EUR one time fee
  • Registration fee: 5 EUR one time fee
  • Reception fee: FREE • Short Term Storage fee (>12 months): FREE
  • Long Term Storage fee (< 12 months): 5 EUR monthly fee
  • Removal/Re-homing fee: 10 EUR per shipment
  • Large/Heavy Item fee: 5 EUR per package
  • Shipping Fees - 2.50 EUR flat fee per shipment

Total cost per shipment : 

  • United States Postal Service Standard Shipping Rates + 2.50 EUR OR
  • United States Postal Service Express Shipping Rates + 2.50 EUR Total

Cost per month : 

  • If no product has been in storage for over a year: FREE
  • If products have been in storage for more than a year: 5 EUR
  • Service is billed separately and is NOT included in existing Flyxie Customer Service Packs