Our agents are proficient in the use of following methods of product ordering :

  • Oberlo + Aliexpress
  • Dropified + Aliexpress
  • DSers
  • CSV files + Supplier + third party fulfilment app

Rate : 8€ an hour


Terms and conditions

  • Order processing is not included in any Customer Service Pack and is charged separately.
  • In order to accomplish this role, subscriber will need to provide us with access to both Shopify, ordering tool and Aliexpress.
  • We guarantee only the strictest level of confidential and security in regards to any login information you provide us with.
  • We are in no way responsible for any errors, issues or blocages stemming from Shopify, Aliexpress or whatever third party app is in use.



Order processing features the same billing period/invoice as our customer Service packs. Payment for both services will be due at the end of each week.