We apply the very same tips and tricks that are used everyday by major corporations to refine our procedures and increase overall customer satisfaction. Our agents are experienced in the use of Shopify, Oberlo, Dropified and many more !


  • Clear and concise communication within the pre-determined guidelines set by the customer.
  • Custom procedures and strategy to accommodate any setting.
  • Quick and efficient response to emails and Facebook messages (Maximum response time of 24h).
  • Real-time tracking and escalating of issues.
  • Boosting of sales through use of discount codes and general customer satisfaction.
  • Coverage : The amount of time our agents are available, per day or week, to fulfill their duties according to the selected pack.
  • Email : Professional, timely response to customer queries, according to agreed upon procedures.
  • Tracking : Use of shared Google Sheets/Drive to escalate and follow up with delayed/lost shipments, refund requests or any other type of issue.
  • FB messenger : Same communication strategy as for emails, from both the FB messenger platform and third party Bots.
  • FB Comment Monitoring : Minimum of 3 checks every 24h to hide negative comments and ban abusive users as needed.
  • FB Comment Engagement : Increased page engagement due to emojis, comment responses and answering of questions with links back to website.
  • Instragram Comment Monitoring : Minimum of 3 checks every 24h to delete negative comments as needed. 
  • Aliexpress disputes : Use of Aliexpress platform to submit disputes for lost/ damaged/erroneous orders in hopes of obtaining full or partial refund for client.
  • PP/Stripe disputes : Handling and submitting of all disputes lodged by customer on both PayPal and Stripe platforms.
  • Supplier contact : Use of any communication platform available to link our agents with website’s product supplier, for any reason whatsoever.

  • Packs cannot be split up into different shops. Each shop must have its own contract.
  • Hours included in pack are for Coverage and does not dependent on actual work. Weekly hour total will be due according to the pack chosen regardless of volume of work.
  • Subscribers can change from one pack to another at any time once a billing period has come to an end.
  • If volume of work goes above the agreed upon contract, any extra hours will be charged 11.00 EUR per hour. And a more appropriate pack will need to be chosen next billing.
  • Payment must be received within 3 business days. For each day there-after, unless forewarned of exceptional circumstances, a 2 EUR fee will be added for every business day that payment is not received.
  • Subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time. The final payment will be due within 24-48 hours.
  • Payment is only available through bank transfer. We do not take any responsibility for any fees associated with sending of payment.
  • We do not offer any services below Light Pack. 
  • Custom contracts will be rounded to the nearest hour.
We reserve the right to make exceptions when we see fit, in consideration of extenuating or exceptional circumstances.